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  1. Dear community, I have decided to close the community for a temporary time and re-open it later on, way stronger. The development will be way more promising & efficient. Sadly, I cannot share any reason why I had to close the community (the problem is not the budget, it's about personal problems of mine). For everyone DM-ing me on Discord regarding to what happened to the Discord server, here's your answer, I decided to delete it and create a new one instead once we come back. Thank you for being with us, I really mean it. Thank you, - .5150.
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    say hey to me

    mum told me to not speak to strangers, sorrey :(
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    Hey there!

    Hopefully we will someday.
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    About me!

    ya yeet.
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    About ズペクドナ

    Sup with the invertext text lmao.
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    hi fren
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    Staff Roster

    Kevy joined the team as a gamemode developer.
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    Suggestion Format

    Change the "PLATFORM" text to either "DISCORD" or "SERVER", depends on what platform you're making a suggestion for.
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    Ban Appeal Format

    Change the "PLATFORM" text to either "DISCORD" or "SERVER", depends on what platform you're appealing for an unban.
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    Ban Appeal Format

    - CookieDM BAN APPEAL FORMAT - (( thread title " [PLATFORM] - Your name - Ban Appeal - " )) In-game name: [YOUR ANSWER HERE] Admin that banned you: [YOUR ANSWER HERE] Ban reason: [YOUR ANSWER HERE] Screenshot (optional): Why do you want to be unbanned: [YOUR ANSWER HERE]
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    Suggestion Format

    - CookieDM - SUGGESTION FORMAT - (( thread title " [PLATFORM] - Suggestion name - " )) In-game name: [YOUR ANSWER HERE] Type of suggestion[website/forums/server/ucp]: [YOUR ANSWER HERE] Description of the suggestion: [YOUR ANSWER HERE] Screenshots (if possible): [YOUR ANSWER HERE]
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    Bug Report Format

    - CookieDM BUG REPORT FORMAT - In-game name: [YOUR ANSWER HERE] Description of bug: [YOUR ANSWER HERE] Screenshots: [YOUR ANSWER HERE]
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    wassup shqipe skrrr
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